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soulight started this conversation
   For heating and cooling assistance , try the link following this note .   Each of these links will lead you to a listing of programs in your state . I will try to find information for other states as I can . I just came across this while researching something else and I thought it looked useful !  soulight 
This link will lead you to help for the following states : 

AK , CT , DC , DE , IN , MA , MD , ME , MI , NJ , NY , PA , RI,  VA , VT ,  WI



The link for assistance in the states listed directly above :


I will be looking for more links like this.


And here they are ! Links for every state , courtesy of Elaine of TSA ! (Thank you!)


How to apply for LIHEAP ( Low Income Heating and Cooling help) :

This page has links to forms to fill out and information about the program and what it covers .




The following link leads to a page that provides regional contacts by state and local location. This is what you can find :

The profiles provide state and local LIHEAP contacts for people wishing to apply for LIHEAP, along with a capsule view of each state's key LIHEAP characteristics, and details of its non-federal low-income energy programs (state- and utility-funded, and charitable).

You will be able to select your state from a pull-down menu and that will lead you to what is availabe in your area.



Check to see what the disconnect policies are in your state. This includes what the policies may be for the disabled , ill , on life support and low income .












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I am happy to hear that bluebird41 ! Thank you


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I love your blog page! It is a blessing!!!!

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